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We are still in the favorites/cumulative product reviews kind of vibe.  I have already shown you my makeup favorites and my skincare favorites. Today I am going to show you all the products I’ve used up since the last post. As you may have noticed, I haven’t used up much in almost one year, but as you may know, I don’t use makeup every day, and when it comes to skincare, I change it all the time, and use a lot of different products, so I don’t really use up that many that often. Also, I sometimes forget and throw something out without showing you. Bad blogger 😀 But, my empties bag was quite full, so I decided it was time to show you what was in there, what I liked and what didn’t work for me.


I used up the Kolagen lift by Medex, which I’ve already reviewed. This was a PR sample, along with msm+vitamin C powder. I think this product is amazing, but there is no way you can see the results in such a short period of time. I actually eat a lot of bone broth, which is a great collagen source, so I think I’ll stick to that.

Also, this is not the only supplement I’ve used up, but it’s the only one I remembered to keep. I take multivitamins, magnesium and Vitamin B complex on a daily basis.

Body care

I don’t really keep every shower gel or deodorant I use up, but I wanted to show you these, because I think they are worth being talked about.

Afrodita Green Tea shower gel has been my favorite forever. However, I can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore. The scent is amazing, it doesn’t dry up my skin and I really enjoyed my showers using it.

Nivea creme sensitive with chamomile extract was another favorite. I really enjoy using Nivea products, and this one was no exception. It’s very creamy, hydrating, also doesn’t dry my skin up and smells great!

I’ve said multiple times that I can’t seem to find a good deodorant. Either I don’t like the scent of it, or it doesn’t work for me at all. I thought I have found THE deodorant when I found this one, because I really enjoyed it. It is Rexona Motion sense active shield. However, the more I used it the more I didn’t like the scent. So, I’m still on the hunt. Tell me if you have any favorites I could try.

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream is an all day moisturizing body cream with aloe vera and winter cherry. I have to say, I wasn’t too impressed with this one. However, my New Year’s resolution for last year was to start using more body lotion, and I decided to use this one up, despite the fact it wasn’t my favorite.

Next one is the reason I hate myself so much! I am a hoarder, and I am very aware of that. When I have something that I really love, especially if I can’t exactly buy it wherever, I will not use it often. Only for special occasions 😀 One of the products like that is the Soap & Glory Hand Food which is by far the best hand cream I’ve ever used. However, since I knew it wasn’t readily available to me, I didn’t use it that often. And what happened? It’s gone bad. The smell is pretty gross, and the only thing I can do is throw it out. I really have to start using products like this one.

The last product in this category is Afrodita Cosmetics Body Yoghurt Ice Therapy for intense hydration and cooling. This is meant to be used in a sauna or as an in-shower mask. It contains aloe vera and mint essential oil, so it is supposed to cool you in sauna. I bought it on my last year’s trip to a spa resort in Slovenia, and used it immediately in the sauna. I have to say, I haven’t noticed that this product did anything. It stung my eyes in the sauna, because the mint scent is quite strong, I felt greasy, and slippery once it got really hot in the sauna. I am not sure if I used it wrong, but I wouldn’t use it again.

Lip care

I hate chapped lips, and my lips are always chapped, so you know that’s a bad combination 😀 I use the Melem lip balm like no other, and I go through them all the time. As you can see, I have 2 pots in here, and there is one almost empty in my purse. I have one everywhere I go- purse, next to my bed, in my bathroom, next to my work desk… And I don’t think I’d be able to live without one.

However, I have one that is so old! I don’t even know how old it actually is. You are going to be grossed out, but this is a natural product with bees wax, and there was no way for it to go bad. I couldn’t use it up! There was always a bit more left. Well, finally, sometime in the past year, I managed to scrape the entire thing, and it’s time to throw it away. The only thing I actually remember is that is was by Pyrus, but I never managed to find it again. It was amazing, though.

Skin care

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for sensitive skin is by far my favorite way of removing makeup. I’ve gone through two of these, actually, but the other one has 1 or 2 uses left in it still, so I didn’t include it here, but you won’t see it in the next empties post, as I will throw it out. I love how easily it removes makeup, it doesn’t dry out my skin and it didn’t sting my eyes at all. I will definitely repurchase it, but I do have a few products I have to use up first.

Next is a face cream. It by Eveline Retinol + Sea Algae, it is a day cream, and it says it’s a 3D-retinol system plus 6 intensely nourishing ingredients. I did enjoy this one, but I don’t think I will be repurchasing.

Balea Nosestrips are something I will definitely not be repurchasing. They simply didn’t do anything for me. I even tried it on my boyfriend’s nose, which was in a much worse state than mine, and it barely got any of the blackheads out. I would say, don’t waste your money on this product.

L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil from the Immortelle line is probably the second skin oil I ever used, and I have to say I really really enjoyed it. I think it nourished my skin so nicely, and my skin was soft and plump and nourished after using this product. I would definitely repurchase this one.

Quite some time ago, I said I would use up a lot of my sample products. Well, as you can see, I used up one 😀 And got a lot more to try out 😀 I will definitely try and use as many of them as possible. This one was La Roche-Posay  Hydreane Riche Thermal spring water cream. I actually enjoyed this cream a lot, but I don’t think I would buy the full size. I’m pretty sure I have a few more of these, so I’ll try and decide once I use it some more.

Balea is a skincare brand sold in dm drugstore, and they are known for being cheap. There are many hidden gems within the Balea range, but I don’t think I would call this mask it. It basically didn’t do much for me or my skin. It was greasy, my hair kept sticking to it, and my skin felt just as it did before using it. Also, it is supposed to be a sleeping mask, but I don’t think I would ever apply it before going to bed, because my sheets would be ruined 😀


I actually have some makeup, and you’d be surprised to know that two of the 4 makeup items have not been used up 😀 I’m just not good with using up my makeup products.

Here I have an IQ minerals loose powder, which was on sale when I bought it quite some time ago, but the shade is so far from perfect that I never used it. I don’t know what I was thinking. This is probably too old, too, so it’s going to the garbage.

Another product I didn’t use up is a bronzer. I actually bought a lot of slightly used makeup products because I really wanted to try some of the products I saw in there. This is the only product that came shattered, and I didn’t think it was exciting enough for me to repress it. It is a Look by Bipa sun touched bronzing powder. It’s a warm shade, but I don’t really use any bronzers other than my Hoola by Benefit and the one by Makeup Revolution.

Then we have a product that was used and abused until it caved under pressure. It is an angled brush by Essence. I used it for my eyebrows, my liner, even eyeshadow and glitter sometimes. However, it decided it was to old for that shit, and I don’t think it is possible to save this one. I do have some other angled brushes, but none of them are as precise as this one. I hope Essence still has brushes like this, because I would love to repurchase it.

The last makeup item is Cover Fx anti-aging primer. I got this with my Beauty Bay order, and I was so excited to finally try a real primer, a high end one. However, I’d say that this is even worse than my Baby Skin. It’s not that it did something wrong, it just didn’t do anything. My pores were there, my makeup lasted as long as it would without it, and my skin didn’t look any smoother. I wouldn’t spend so much money on a product like this one. Maybe this post will help you find a primer for you.


My hair has been so terrible lately, that no matter what I used in terms of products as simple as shampoo or some more nourishing products, absolutely nothing helped it. There are two products I’ve used up, though, and the third one was probably one of the biggest disappointments.

The first one is Oleo Therapy Coconut Oil, which I bought a while ago, but later on mixed a bunch of different oils in its container. I later realized that that was way to much money for some coconut oil (I paid around $7 for 100ml). I have another brand now, which is much cheaper, and still cold pressed, and I do enjoy using it, even though I should definitely use it more often, since that actually does do a little bit of difference.

The next product is Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair with liquid keratin complex. This was quite nice, and I’ve used it up quite some time ago. However, the smell is quite strong, which I personally didn’t mind, but just keep that in mind. I thought I was doing something to my hair, but it actually didn’t do much. I do, however, enjoy these hair products that are in a spray bottle, because I think that they are quite easy to use.

The last product is the disappointing one. It is the Balea More Blond spray for lightening your hair. First of all, it smelled terrible. Second of all, it made my hair super sticky. I was convinced that that was a great way to help my roots and extend my color between coloring (when I was a blonde), but boy was I wrong. It did absolutely nothing, and after the first use, the little spray nozzle broke, and the product was coming out everywhere unless where it was supposed to come out of. I would definitely not recommend this product.

And that is it for this post. Have you used any of the products I’ve mentioned here? Did you enjoy them? Do you have any recommendations for dry, dull and lifeless hair? I would really appreciate that!

Also, tell me if you prefer the marble background or the white one?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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