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Beauty haul

Hello everyone!

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Beauty haul

If you are not following me on Instagram, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life! (Okay, I’m kidding, but you totally should!). I very often use polls and ask you what posts you’d like to see here, and last week so many of you wanted to see what I bought/got lately. I disappointed you and wrote about Catrice foundation and concealer (to be fair, I asked the question when the post was done already :D). However, I am making things right now, and giving you the haul you’ve all been waiting for. So, let’s see what I got!

I know I shouldn’t start with the most exciting one, because I’m supposed to keep you waiting until the end, but I really can’t wait to show you, so we’re starting off with a furniture piece.


Again, you may have already seen this one on Instagram, but my mom decided to buy me a birthday present early this year! She knows I’ve been wanting an Alex from Ikea for ages now, and I’ve been trying to find a cheaper, but equally practical solution, but I swear, it’s impossible.

Ikea alex 9 drawer

So, she decided she would buy it for me for my birthday. She initially wanted to keep it away from me until my birthday, but I couldn’t wait for over a month 😀 So I talked her into giving it to me right away. It’s a 9 drawer unit, with 5 shallow and 4 deeper drawers. I still have to organize it a bit more, but I am very pleased with how it looks and how much more organized everything is.

And, my mom can’t believe how it’s full and where everything that’s in it was prior to me owning it (imagine there is a crying laughing emoji here) :D.

Blanx White Shock pen*

As you may already know, DM Hrvatska (a German drugstore in Croatia) is giving me so much love with their PR samples. I believe this one was the one I received the earliest, so I’m putting it first.

blanx white shock pen

This is a pen containing blue gel that is supposed to whiten your teeth. I have to say, the instructions on this one are so poor, I didn’t understand at all how to use it. For how long should I leave it on, should I use an LED light with it? I have no idea.

I did try it out, and the result wasn’t too bad, but I’ll have to give it another go.

Bipa haul

Bipa is another drugstore here, in Croatia. I love their makeup sponges, and mine started falling apart, so I decided to go there and buy a few.

Bipa haul

They are the Hello Beauty (Bipa brand) sponges, where one is the standard egg shape, while the other looks like the Real Techniques sponge. I am already using the regular one, but I will definitely try the other one soon.

Even though I did do pretty well with sticking to my shopping list, I did get out with one additional item. It is the banana file (also from the Bipa brand) for your nails. I used to love the black one, and bought two of them in the past, so I thought that the yellow color doesn’t mean anything. They just wanted it to look like a banana. Well, it’s much coarser, and I am not enjoying it as much, I have to say. But I will keep using it.

Nature PR*

Whenever DM has a new catalogue or discounts, they send us, bloggers, a few of the items to try out. That’s why you’ll see more of these DM packages in this post 😀

The next package from DM Hrvatska was all about nature. They had some awesome discounts on natural beauty brands like their brand Alverde, as well as on DM Bio items, which are food items. So, what did I get?

Natural beauty DM

Makeup items: Alverde Fixing spray, which I’m still testing out, Alverde Creamy lipstick in 20 luminous coral (amazing shiny lipstick, that is a bit sticky, but is still amazingly gorgeous!), an Alverde highlighting eyeshadow in 01 champagne, which is absolutely stunning both on the eyes and on the face and an Alverde shower gel with mint and bergamot, which I’ve almost used up and really enjoy the scent.

Food items: Spelt flour, which I used to make bread, and it was amazing, Chia seeds, which have the best price I’ve personally seen in DM, and this is a giant pack :D, Bourbon vanilla sugar, which is absolutely delicious and cocoa powder, which is that amazingly bitter cocoa, perfect for hot cocoa in the winter!

Blog sale

Who else loves blog sales? I love finding amazing gems there, and for amazing prices. We all know that bloggers have excessive amounts of makeup, so selling them cheap is a great way to declutter. So, I was so happy when I found a blog sale over on my blogging friend’s blog, Makeup Paradise, and immediately picked a few items.

blog sale items

I bought a Wet’n’Wild PhotoFocus foundation in Rose Ivory. I’ve heard so many people talking about this product, and saying how it was their holy grail product. Of course I wanted to try it myself. And if I could pay it around 50% less, why not? If I don’t like it, at least I didn’t pay the full price. Yes, I have been testing it, and I still can’t talk about it. A few more wears and you’ll see a review here.

I also got 4 face brushes, some from Morphe (which are my first Morphe products) and one from Jessup. Right away, I have to say that this highlighting brush (third from the left) is amazing! The other ones I’m still testing out, and so far I have nothing bad to say about any of them.

The last item in the photo is an IQ Cosmetics little eyeshadow quad. This was a gift from dear Silvia, who I bought these items from, so thank you 😉 However, since I really have massive amounts of makeup, I decided to give it away to someone. I’m sure they enjoy it!

Balea & 7th Heaven*

Is it time for another DM PR pack? I think so 😀 I have to say, just today, as I’m writing this post, another package from DM arrived! I can’t believe how loving they are towards this small blog of mine! I am so happy that they encourage my work. I am sorry I don’t have the latest package for you here, but I’m not at home, where my packages get delivered, so I will post it on my Instagram by the end of the week.

DM skincare PR

Anyways, let’s focus on this package, which is probably the most exciting one in this post. Not only because of the products that are in here, but also because they announced that there was a 30% discount on skincare until April 15th. I knew I needed and wanted some of the skincare items, both for myself, and for my birthday giveaway coming up, so I was happy that I could save 30%. You’ll see what I bought below. Here I got some Balea (a DM brand) products: a toner, a black micellar water (which will be going into my birthday giveaway), Beauty Effect day cream with Hyaluronic Acid, which I wrote about in one of my #FormulaFriday posts and a 7th Heaven Peel off mask (I already have 2 of them, so one will be in the giveaway). Thank you, once again for all the love, DM! <3

DM haul

As I said, after receiving the 30% discount, I wanted to stock up on everything, as well as buy some skincare items for my giveaway. So, I bought A LOT and saved A LOT of money. There are some doubles, but I don’t want to spoil the entire giveaway prize, so you’ll just have to wait and see what they are.

DM beauty haul

The first item is a Mixa 24hr Balancing Cream for normal to combination skin. Once warmer days start, I no longer need my heavy creams, so I am looking for something lighter, and yet still hydrating. I will try it out soon and let you know my thoughts.

A friend of mine told me about the Alverde Bio-Wildrose oil for dry skin. As you may have noticed in my favorite skincare products post, I love oils! And if it’s cheap and it works, I’m in! If you hate rose scented things, you will not like it, but I have to say, the scent is not as harsh, and doesn’t linger too long.

When I was looking for that oil, I also saw a face mist from the same Wildrose line. You may have also noticed that I love facial mists, so of course I had to get it!

Last (in this photo, no I’m not done) is the Garnier Moisture+ Aqua Bomb sheet mask. I am a huge fan of sheet masks, and believe that they are the best way to give your skin that hydration fix 😀 This is a pretty good one, so I got it and used it already.

mixa cleansing gel

Next we have another Mixa product, which is a Soapless Purifying Cleansing Gel that is Anti-Imperfection. I didn’t get this one for myself, or for the giveaway, but for my boyfriend, who is (finally) starting to care about his skin 😀

rexona deodorant

This one is not the 30% deal, but buy 1, get 1 free. They are the Rexona deodorants Shower Clean and Happy Morning, and I have to say, my search for the great deodorant is not over yet.

L'Oreal Pure Clay masks

Last from DM are L’Oreal Pure Clay Exfo and Glow masks. Yup, the highlight of my shopping. Why, you may ask? Well, because the one thing I knew I wanted to get 30% off on was the L’Oreal sugar scrubs that came out recently. Not only are these not the scrubs I went in for, but I was convinced I got them for about 2 hours after I was done shopping, until a friend from Instagram pointed out that I actually bought clay masks. Ahhhh, such a dumb ass. And I couldn’t exchange them for the discounted price, because the coupons were no longer available. So I’d have to pay the full price. I guess I’ll try these instead 😀

Garnier hair dye

I am going to include a hair dye here, because it doesn’t belong anywhere in particular 😀 I bought this in Konzum, but the reason why I bought it is more interesting. My hair has been awful lately. It would get greasy 2x faster than usual, it was dull, it was breaking and I knew I had to do something about it. I decided the best thing is to camouflage it all, until I can figure out what was going on. So I bought this Garnier Color Naturals in 6N Nude Light Brown. And I have to say, even though it is just a little bit lighter than my natural hair color, I think it did what it was supposed to, and even the grease situation is much better. I am pleased!

A very special gift

loccitane mist

I got this as a random gift from a dear friend of mine when we went out to grab a cup of coffee. You may have seen her on Instagram. You should totally check her profile, because she does some really bomb fashion posts. Anyways, she gave me this L’Occitane Aqua Reotier fresh moisturizing mist. Again, you know I love mists, so I am already using this one in combination with my oils in the evening. Thank you, Antonela <3

And that’s it for this post! I hope you enjoyed seeing everything I got/bought lately. Have you been shopping lately? What is the most exciting thing you bought recently? And what is the one thing that is on your wish list?

*PR samples

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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