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highlighters collection

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highlighters collection

In today’s post, I am bringing you (based on your choices on my Instagram) my highlighters collection. I have done several collections of my makeup already, including highlighters, but that was way before I even knew what to do with them. So, I decided to rewrite this post and show you what exactly my highlighters are, with swatches! So, without further ado, let’s get into My highlighters collection!

We’re starting with the oldest and the least exciting ones, and going into the newest ones in my collection.

essence soo glow! cream to powder highlighter

I believe this was the first highlighter in my collection ever. I had no idea how to use it, what to apply it with and where to apply it. The texture didn’t exactly help. But, let’s start at the beginning.

My highlighter is in the shade 10 look on the bright side. It is a very nice, champagne with almost white shimmer in it. It does highlight, and gives a nice sheen, nothing over the top, though.

The texture is really weird. It is creamy, but it’s a really weird consistency, due to the cream to powder formula. It does become powdery once you start blending in out. I find it best to apply this highlighter with my finger, because the brush doesn’t really pick it up, and the sponge makes it way too chunky.

However, it does tend to become chunky, and you may have some difficulty blending it out. I do not use it anymore, so I am probably going to get rid of this one, and you’ll see it in the future empties post. You can see in this little preview that it’s not that blinding highlight we all love nowadays.

Catrice Deluxe Glow Highlighter

This is either the second, or even the first highlighter I ever owned. It was a gift from a very dear friend of mine, but after trying some other ones, I decided it wasn’t really my cup of tea. This was the first powder highlighter I ever owned for sure.

It comes with 3 different shades of powder, and it is in the shade 010 The Glowrious Three. You can see that the first one is a champagne shade, the second one is pink, and the third one is kind of like a bronzer, but it’s way too orange.

The packaging claims the following: “Velvety-soft highlighting powder in three luminous shades. Enriched with vitamin E, jojoba oil and fine light-reflecting pearls for a luxurious glow.”

The only shade I kind of used is the first one, which is champagne. However, if you look at the swatches, you will probably see that they are basically powders. They don’t have any sheen, glow or even shimmer, just a few glitter chunks here and there. I didn’t even take a Boomerang of this one, because it’s basically what you see in the photo. As soon as I found a better highlight, I stopped using this one.

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Pearlized

This is the first ‘better’ highlighter I ever bought. If you want to know more about the things I ordered from Colourpop, you can read my Brand Review on Colourpop. I got it in the shade Smokin’ Whistles (Kathleen Lights recommendation at the time), and it contains 4.2 g or 0.15 oz of product.

This is also kind of a weird texture. It’s not exactly cream, but it’s definitely not a powder highlight. It’s very soft, almost moussy, but in a harder form than what mousse is.

It has a pink undertone, but it definitely gives that sheen and glow that highlight is supposed to give. I definitely think this is the best one so far.

In terms of application, it does require some learning, but I think you can always go with fingers, but it’s not too difficult to use it with a brush either. Mine is a bit harder to use, since it’s broken and missing a huge chunk (you will read what happened in the Brand Review on ColourPop).

essence Midnight Masquerade liquid skin illuminator

Now we’re coming to the real deal. Well, we would be if this wasn’t limited edition and you could still buy it. Essence! Please bring this back and make it a permanent part of your product range! Please!

It was available only in one shade, which was 01 sitting, waiting, witching. The undertone of this highlighter is pink and, while champagne works better for me, I am making an exception for this one, because it seriously looks amazing on the skin.

This is a liquid highlight, that is not as liquidy as they are now, but it’s very close. I think that consistency is actually the reason it is very easy to work with and blend out, but still has amazing pigment.

This gives you almost that wet look everyone is going for lately, but you don’t end up looking like a disco ball after wearing it. Seriously amazing! BRING it back, essence!

Wet’n’Wild megaglo Highlighting Powder

Oh my god, the beauty world went crazy over this one. Of course, it came to Croatia way after it was out elsewhere, but girls here went crazy over it, as well. It was always sold out. So, after a few months when things have settled, and it was too late to post about it (because everyone already had it), I bought mine.

This is in the shade Precious Petals. I do wish Wet’n’Wild would bring other shades to Croatia, because there are some even lighter ones I would love to have. However, this is a gold highlighter, really beautiful shade. I believe this would work on the eyes, especially with a wet brush, or a finger, it would probably look stunning.

It is very reflective, very shimmery, and when you apply it to the face, it can get a bit glittery, but if you don’t mind that you will love this one.

As you can see, it swatches beautifully, so this has a thumbs up from me, for sure!

Bronx Colors Illuminating Face Powder

I hauled this product in my Christmas haul, and I got it in a set created by a famous Croatian blogger, Youtuber and Instagramer, Dash of Blue.

I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on this product, talking about how chalky it is, and it doesn’t do anything. I am not sure if I just got a very good one, or if my standards are too low ­čśÇ but I actually really like this one! It’s probably my favorite thing from the whole set.

It is in the shade SIFP04 (at least I hope this is the shade, I hate when brands don’t actually name their products), and it is from the Studioline. This is also a champagne highlighter, but it’s actually quite golden. This swatch doesn’t represent its true sheen, because my camera won’t pick it up, but I swear it’s stunning.

When I apply this to my face, it gives such a beautiful glow, which is more than natural, but not over the top. Definitely one of my favorites!

Alverde All In One Lidschatten*

Well, if you know German, or you just recognized the ‘lid’ part, you may have noticed that this isn’t a highlighter. Not a face one, at least. This is actually an eyeshadow. However, as soon as I swatched it, I knew that that wasn’t going on my eyes only. I wanted to bathe in it.

This is in the shade 01 Champagne, and it is the lightest highlighter in my collection. It is almost white, cool toned highlighter, with beautiful sheen. It’s not shimmery or glittery, but simply gives you that amazing sheen, and you can build it up, so it can almost become that blinding highlight.

The only thing I am sad about is that it is so small, since it is an eyeshadow, of course, that I can’t really work with it as I would want to. But it still works beautifully.

You can see in the swatches how light it is, but again, the camera isn’t picking up its shine.


Lastly, I have two highlighters that I did want to share with you, because they are new in my collection, but I am not going to give you their names just yet. You will know more about them very soon, but until then, let’s just enjoy their beauty.

The first one is a liquid highlighter which is very reflective, but it does have some glitter in it. It is also a bit chunky, so you do have to be careful with it.

It’s also almost white, with silvery glitters in it.

The other one is also a liquid highlighter, but it is a bit more pinky than the other one, and it doesn’t have any glitter in it.

You can achieve that wet look the easiest with this one (comparing to the other ones I mentioned in this post). I am still testing it out, but you will probably read about it more in about a month! I am so excited for that post!

And that’s it for this post! I hope you enjoyed reading about my (still) modest (not according to my mom, though) collection of highlighters. What are your favorite highlighters? What are your least favorite ones? How many do you own?

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Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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