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Weekend Festival paleta

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Weekend Festival palette

Summer is here! In fact, people are already saying summer is over. What’s up with that? It’s not even the end of July, and we had like 5 hot days here in Croatia so far. Anyways, I am going on a real 3-week vacation in about 2 weeks, so I decided it was time to show you this summer palette, and some of the looks I’ve created using it.

General information about Weekend Festival palette

This is a new launch by BH Cosmetics, and it is a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, containing 20 shadows. Each shadow is 22 g (0.77 oz). It comes with a decent size mirror. It is cardboard packaging, and magnetic closing mechanism.

Weekend Festival

The shadows are a mix of mattes and shimmers. It contains 7 mattes and 13 shimmers, even though some of the shimmers are more finely milled than others.

Weekend Festival

I got it on for €22.40, while my shipping was free. As far as I can tell, now the shipping will cost you €3.95. Free on orders over €25 for Croatia. The shipment came in about 7 working days.

Weekend Festival
You can see the Ingredients here

Weekend Festival shades

As I already mentioned, this palette contains 20 shades, 7 of which are mattes and 13 are shimmers. However, I have to say, the formula differs from one shadow to another. Some are extremely creamy, while others are a bit weird.

Let’s start from the top row and move from there.

1st row:

The first row contains the shades (as described by

  • Trixie – Shimmering cream.
  • Kandi – Shimmering coral.
  • Ultimate – Shimmering aquamarine.
  • Carnival – Shimmering gunmetal.
  • Escape – Matte brown.

Weekend Festival

I have to say, ‘Ultimate’ is by far my favorite shade in this row, maybe even this palette. It is extremely creamy, you don’t even need a wet brush to apply it. It’s stunning. Escape is an amazing matte from this palette. It glides while swatching, it’s not patchy whatsoever, and the color is stunning.

While Trixie could be a nice highlighting shade, the shimmers in it are a bit too glittery, but it does work. Kandi (the second shade) left me a bit disappointed, and Carnival is nice but not breathtaking.

2nd row:

The second row contains the shades:

  • Hippie – Matte orange.
  • Dippie – Matte hot pink.
  • Wicked – Shimmering purple.
  • Magical – Shimmering yellow gold.
  • Boho – Shimmering dark brown.

Weekend Festival

This is a pretty good row, I have to say that. No fails, at all. I would make Hippie a more unique orange, but just because I have something similar, doesn’t mean everyone does. Dippie is amazingly pigmented, I just don’t find myself that drawn to shades like this. Maybe I should get out of my comfort zone and do a look with it.

Weekend Festival

The first two shades may not be as impressive (in terms of color, not quality), the last 3 in this row are stunning. Wicked is almost a duochrome, with some light blue shimmers coming through. It’s simply stunning. Magical is exactly how it’s described, a shimmering yellow gold, but I don’t own many gold shadows, so I really like this one. Boho I wouldn’t really call dark brown. While the base may be dark brown, it has some reds, pinks and golds in it. It is truly stunning!

3rd row:

The third row contains the shades:


  • Swag – Matte plum.
  • Flash – Shimmering dark gold.
  • Spirit – Shimmering off white.
  • Solstice – Shimmering red toned brown.
  • Electric – Matte pastel pink.

Weekend Festival

Again, a very exciting row. We’re starting with Swag, which is an incredibly creamy, gorgeous plum matte eyeshadow. Even though I haven’t used it yet, I think this is one of the most beautiful shadows in this palette. Flash is not really a ‘never before seen shade’. However, it’s very good, and again, if you don’t have many palettes, you may not have seen this.

Spirit is described as a shimmering off white. That sounds so simple, and this shade is far from it. The base truly is white, but again, there is some pink, some light blue and some silver. It’s truly stunning. Solstice is another gorgeous shade, with some a bit chunkier glitter than the rest. At the end, we have Electric, which, again, isn’t my shade, really. But it still performs really good. It’s not patchy or chalky like these shades usually tend to be.

4th row:

The fourth row contains the shades:


  • Trance – Shimmering deep blue.
  • Palooza – Matte aquamarine.
  • Neon – Shimmering neon green.
  • Euphoria – Shimmering mustard yellow.
  • Hipster – Matte dark brown.

Weekend Festival

The final row is something I could stare at forever. By far my favorite row in terms of colors. However! As you may know, some of the YouTubers and beauty bloggers have made it their mission to find the perfect deep blue shimmery or matte shade. For some reason, it just doesn’t work. It’s the same with this one. It’s patchy, it doesn’t apply well with a brush and I have to say, I was very disappointed. Palooza is kind of the same. It’s not as good as other matte shades in this palette.

The rest, however, is amazing. Neon is the perfect shimmery neon green. Definitely also one of my favorites. Euphoria is a mustardy gold shade. I don’t personally think a palette needs so many shades with gold undertone, and if I had to choose, I think I would leave this one, and replace the other 3 with some more exciting shades.

Hipster is a matte dark brown that everyone needs. You can use this in basically any look, and it’s a classic. I think you can’t go wrong with this one, and I’m happy this shade is here instead of a black one. I tend to grab shades like this for my outer corner anyways.

My favorite shades

I decided to limit myself to five shades. I could only list five of them here as my favorites. I was entirely sure about the first four I’m about to mention, but the fifth one gave me some trouble. However, I believe I chose right. So let’s start with my Top 5 from this palette.

  1. Ultimate
  2. Swag
  3. Neon
  4. Wicked
  5. Escape

Weekend Festival

I am also going to compare some of them on my Instagram stories and save them under highlights, so be on the lookout for that!

And finally, I am going to show you some looks I created using this palette!

This is the first look I created using this palette, and I wanted to try as many shades as possible. You can see more photos on my Instagram here. Some people were very happy with this one, some hated the color combination. I still love it, and I think that this purple (Wicked) really shows its true colors here.

Then I have a look that I think is truly amazing. My inspiration here was an amazing girl @prettyspiffy1 on Instagram. I will post more photos of it, too.

Then we have a pretty simple one, but I really wanted to try out Neon. The Neon green in the last row. It looks a bit patchy, but it really wasn’t in person. I really have to get a better camera.

Another inspired look. I saw this at @Elyse. Here I used the pink shade, and it really did perform well. I really have nothing bad to say about it. However, the dark blue in the outer corner simply wasn’t working out for me.

That’s it for this post!

What do you think about this palette? Would you buy it? What are your favorites from this palette?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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