Night-time Skincare Routine to Follow

Night-time Skincare Routine to Follow

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Long time no see! Well, today I have something different for you! Lovely Sarah wanted to share some tips for night-time skincare routine!

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Having a skincare routine is part and parcel of day-to-day life for many women. We can all appreciate that only a small number of us are lucky enough to be born with naturally glowing skin.

If you’re one of those who is always working a tough work regime and you find that you’re worn out, then you can use some of these useful, easy examples to create a flawless night-time skincare routine that will leave you with enviously glowing skin each day.

  1. Exercise

Being physically active is important for avoiding health risks such as obesity and type II diabetes, as well as to increase moods and look good. However, exercising extends to helping your skin too.

Dermatologists have been advocated the value in exercise to give us glowing skin, and while you might be reading this and thinking that exercise isn’t something that you can do at night, it’s worth remembering that during sleep your body goes through the repair and recovery phase.


So, if you exercise at least four hours before you go to bed, it will assist in helping you to enjoy a rejuvenated complexion.

Ideally, you just need to do at least 30-minutes of moderate exercise that gets the blood pumping, which will help to open up those pores through sweating.

  1. Stay hydrated

Remembering to keep your body well hydrated is a great way to help your skin remain looking A-Okay! It’s such a basic thing to do, although when you’re super busy and rushing around, it’s easy to let drinking water slip your mind.

You don’t want to go drinking too much water in the runup to your bedtime or the good sleep you’ve been looking forward to will be disrupted by several trips to the toilet to pee!

Around one to two hours before you head off to bed, give one of these beverages a go. They might not have a specific tie to helping with skincare, they do carry other benefits that mean the knock-on effect will aid your skincare targets.

  •      Cherry juice can increase your melatonin levels and improve sleep.
  •      Camomile tea contains chrysin which eases muscles and alleviates anxiety.
  •      Water balances your hormones, energy levels and muscles during sleep.
  1. Moisturise

One of the points that you’d naturally associate with a night-time skincare routine is moisturising. Making sure that you clean your face thoroughly first is essential, but once you have done that then it’s time to apply some moisturiser that will help you achieve your goal of flawless skin.

Going back to when you wash your face, the essential oils in the skin becomes washed out which means that when you moisturise, you’re taking positive steps toward replenishing the removed oils and this is important to maintain healthy skin.

When picking a moisturiser, make sure that you pick out a water-based moisturiser that is also specific to your skin type. You can also opt to use a deep moisturiser if your skin is feeling particularly tight and/or dry; this will help your skin to stay as healthy as it can be.

4.    Replace your pillows covers

We’re honing in particularly on pillowcases here. Yes, you should be washing your bed sheets regularly anyway, but consider that when you lay your head on synthetic and cotton pillowcases, your skin will experience many hours of pulling, pushing and stretching while you’re sleeping away.

If you’re keen to avoid your skin suffering what occurs as a result of being pulled, stretched, and squeezed, which is wrinkles, lines as well as spots if you have low-grade pillowcase materials then you will need to think of solutions.

To overcome this impending issue, you can change your existing pillowcases for some silk ones instead. The attraction silk pillowcases have is that your skin won’t be pulled around and will instead remain frictionless on the pillow as you move during slumber.

  1.     Use eye cream

Once you have applied the nightly moisturiser to your face, you should then go ahead and carefully apply some eye cream too. Here’s why.

By incorporating eye cream into your evening skincare routine, you are going to further extend the chances of keeping hold of your youthful-looking appearance. Basically, eye cream acts to protect and hydrate the delicate area of skin around your eyes.

Lots of eye creams are formulated with caffeine. This is because caffeine has been known to reduce puffiness. What’s more, niacinamide, which boosts moisture levels, as well as keeping your skin from drying out and averting the onset of wrinkles are part of the ingredients in many of these creams to work its magic too.

Once you have applied your creams and you’re ready to get to sleep for the night, slip on an eye mask to help create the ideal sleep-inducing environment and sleep soundly throughout the night.

Give these simple tips and whirl and take note of the difference it makes to your skin. We’re confident that you’ll feel and look fresh-faced in absolutely no time whatsoever!


I hope you enjoyed Sarah’s tips! I know I will use those for sure! What were your favorite tips? Do you have anything to add?

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