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Hello everyone!

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Beauty haul

I know I have already shown you the goodies I bought in Kuwait on my Insta stories. However, right now I am going to show you a collective haul of everything that I bought or got in the past few months. Most of these were on my wish list, and I didn’t stray far from it. Yes, there are a few things I didn’t exactly need, but I saw them and wanted them. You have to be spontaneous once in a while, right? 😀 Also, I am going to give a bunch away, and there are some Xmas presents here.

I am going to start with some goodies I received either as PR or at an event.

Cocoa Locks hot chocolate*

cocoa locks

You all probably know that I am really struggling with my hair. It’s thin, brittle, dry, my scalp is terrible, basically nothing about my hair is good. That’s why I was super excited when Cocoa Locks contacted me to see if I wanted to try their product. It’s delicious, and has vitamins that help with hair growth. Since my hair was so terrible, I had to cut off quite a lot, so I won’t exactly be able to confirm the growth helping part. But I am going to continue drinking it, and see where it takes me.

Diablog Swag

diablog swag

I was on a bloggers’ conference around the end of November, and here is the little goodie bag we got. Besides the products on the photo, we also got a cosmetic bag. Here is a Nivea dry shampoo, Hairmilk shampoo, deodorant, small size cream and testers of their anti-age creams.

Kuwait haul


I was so excited for Sephora in Kuwait. However, I have to say that Sephora there was a bit of a disappointment. Not only did they not have everything I wanted, but also their prices were so much higher than elsewhere. Of course I still grabbed a few things.

sephora skincare

In terms of skincare, I got a Pixi Glow Tonic, a GlamGlow SuperMud clearing treatment, two Sephora face masks and two Sephora eye masks.

sephora makeup

In terms of makeup, I got just two things. I got a Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions palette and a Beauty Blender.

sephora samples

With my purchase, I also got a bunch of samples by Clarins. However, later that day I realized that the Huda Beauty palette was smashed, so I went to exchange it, and got even more samples.



I was excited when I saw that they had Boots. That usually means a bunch of drugstore brands. However, once again, my excitement deflated. Not as much choice as I had hoped. But I did find Soap&Glory! You may or may not know that I absolutely fell in love with their Hand Food hand cream after my trip to London (I showed you a haul from there, too). I got two hand creams and a face mist (which isn’t as good as I hoped). Also, I managed to find Bio-Oil for very cheap! It was just around $7. It is much more expensive in Croatia.



Since Sephora didn’t have the Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe, I decided that I would get it in Debenhams. The price was the same, around $26.

Bath&Body Works

bath&body works

This is probably the store that lured the biggest smile on my face. I didn’t know they had it in Kuwait, but I was so happy when I saw it. They had a ‘buy 2, get 2 free’, so my bf and I bought four, and paid for only 2. I got Flannel and White Barn ‘Tis The Season.

The Ordinary

the ordinary

Just before I went to Kuwait, I placed an order on The Ordinary. I got an email saying that the Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density (60ml) is on sale for 50% off. Since you all are well aware by now of my hair situation, so I am trying everything. I got it for €8.95. Since I was ordering from the Deciem site, I wanted to get another product and score free shipping. I did some research and decided to get the 100% Plant-Derived Squalane (30ml). This was €7.20. I love it so far, but I’ll report on both products once I start seeing results.

Black Friday

For Black Friday, I didn’t do too much shopping. Well, I didn’t shop at multiple stores. I picked one and stuck to it, but I spent way too much. The store I picked is, which had 25% off. So here are the goodies I got!

lookfantastic advent calendar

The Lookfantastic advent calendar was definitely the thing I wanted the most. I scored a pretty good price at 25% off. I paid £60.83 for it, when the full price was £79. The value of the products inside is much higher. What the products are? You can find out what I got each day on my Instagram.

smashbox and urban decay

Besides the advent calendar, I decided to take a few more items of my wish list. I got the the Urban Decay All Nighter fixing spray and Smashbox the original Photo Finish primer.

morphe brushes

Then I got two Morphe brushes. Both of them are for the eyes. One of them is their M562 and the other is E27.

lash sensational

I also got a Maybelline gift set, and kept the Lash Sensational mascara, while the rest of the items will be Christmas gifts.

lookfantastic beauty bag

Lastly, I have to mention my bad experience with the customer service at Lookfantastic. I got the email saying that if my order is £70 or more, I would get a Premium Beauty Bag. Me being me, I wanted whatever that was, since it was free, and I was planning to make a bigger order anyways. I sent that information to a friend of mine and she had no problems ordering it. However, it simply disappeared from my order once I completed checkout. After many emails with the customer service, they told me that some of the items are excluded from this deal, so I couldn’t get the bag. Well, turns out that I could have gotten it, and it was their mistake, because I went on live chat later on. I was disappointed, but then the friend gave me her bag, since she doesn’t really need any of the items. Turns out that the ‘premium’ bag is full of samples. 😀 Oh well. At least I have it, right? 😀

And that’s it for this post! What have you bought recently? Did you do any Black Friday shopping? What has been on your wish list for a long time? Do you have any experience with bad customer service?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

*PR samples

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