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coral obsessions palette

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I think it is about time that I share a few thoughts on this palette with you, since it’s been in my possession since November 2018. I bought this Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions palette when I was in Kuwait (you can see where I was, what I did, what I ate and what I bought in my story highlights on Instagram). So, since I’ve had enough time to gather my thoughts, let’s see how this palette did on my test :D.

About Coral Obsessions Palette

As I’ve already said, this is a palette by Huda Beauty. It contains 9 shades, 7 of which are matte, while two are shimmers/metallics. Each of the shadows is 1.1 g (0.04 oz), which is pretty good, since I have some palettes with less product per pan. For example, in the Urban Decay Vice 4, I got only 0.8 g per pan. However, it is really tiny, so you can basically put it anywhere you want. It is only 7.5 x 7.5 cm. And it comes with a mirror, which is pretty convenient with a palette this size.

coral obsessions

The price of this palette is $27, which is great if you want to see what the rave about Huda’s eyeshadows is! You can test out both shimmers and mattes, and see if you like the formula, and if some of the bigger palettes are worth spending your money.

Coral Obsessions Palette shades

You may or may not know that these palettes come in various color combinations. There are some more neutral ones, gemstone ones, blues, greens, electrics and more! Visit the Shop Huda Beauty store to see them.

coral obsessions shades

Since I picked coral, my shades are on the warmer side. So we have some oranges, a yellow shade, reddish and coral ones, as well as some warm browns. To be completely honest, I wanted this palette for the red shade, because it looked really red in the Sephora lighting. But of course, it’s not the true red I was (or still am) looking for.

coral obsessions swatches

However, am I sorry that I got it? Not even a little bit!

The shades are amazing, they blend like a dream, and those shimmers… They are to die for!

Are you even ready for the swatches?!

Coral Obsessions Palette swatches

I have swatched all the shades for you, but I have swatched them row by row, as well. So, let’s see which row wins (hint: they are all winners :D).

coral obsessions swatches

The first row contains 1 shimmer/metallic shade (which is probably the best description of this formula). It is coppery, but it has a bit more orange than a regular copper shade. It is extremely buttery, it applies amazingly and it is super nicely pigmented. After this one we have the “red” that was my reason for buying this palette. Well, it is red, but it is a very toned down red. It’s great for the crease, but it definitely is not the red I am looking for. The last shade in the first row is a coral shade. Very soft, very blendable, I have nothing bad to say about it.

coral obsessions swatches

The second row begins with a darker brown, which is quite warm. Great for the outer corner. Then we have an amazing light brown. And finally, a light brown which is more yellow/orange.

coral obsessions swatches

The third and last row begins with a yellow. This is a pretty neutral yellow, which isn’t too in your face, and could work with some more neutral looks. Then we have another coral, which is a tiny bit more orange than the one in the first row. Lastly, we have the second shimmer/metallic. This one is a stunning orange shade with golden specs. Absolutely stunning.

Coral Obsessions Makeup Look

Of course, I had to create a few looks by now, but I’m going to show you the one I created using exclusively this palette. It was quite some time ago, but I still like it quite a lot. If you want to see a list of all the products used for this look (including face, brows, lips), you can see them on my Instagram post.

coral obsessions makeup look

I used more orangey tones, and the orange shimmer is all over my lid. So here is the close-up of my eye.

coral obsessions makeup look

My opinion

You know that eyeshadow palettes in as many shades as possible are my obsession. I love color, but I also love to see different formulas. Huda Beauty has created one of the best shadows I’ve tried so far, but is it really so much better than anything else?

As far as the mattes go, I have to say, there are many drugstore palettes that are amazing out there. Just to mention a few: BH Cosmetics have amazing formula, as well as ColourPop Cosmetics. However, nothing I’ve tried so far compares to these shimmers/metallics. That is the perfect formula, and I hope I can find something more affordable, but equally great in the more affordable range soon. For me, this palette is worth it just for these two shades.

One down-side is that I would definitely love it more if it had a nice highlight shade instead of one of the corals maybe. Of course, it would have to be the shimmer/metallic formula. That would be the perfect warm nude palette!

Have you tried any of the Huda Beauty palettes? Or any other products? What is your favorite palette ever?

Thank you for reading!

See you soon x

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